Order Status - Oct 18 to Nov 6

Order Status - NOV 15

Currently Working on order #NC24087

The few orders before #NC24087  that haven’t  been shipped are waiting for some specific shades that are currently in production. Those orders should be shipping this week next to orders from #NC24087 to #NC24300. If things go as planed by the end of next week we hope to have shipped over 90% of all orders. Again, we apologize for the huge delay but the order volume from Oct 18 to Oct 28 was insane, after we checked those days all remaining orders should ship quickly.

Once all orders are shipped we will let you know in a little more depth about our experience this past month. We are completely out of stock because we ran out of lipstick packaging and are currently working on it. (Don't Worry there’s enough for all orders to be ship) We will keep you all updated with our stock situation and hopefully be back before Christmas.




We wanted to make it easier for you to keep updated on your order status and help us keep focus on production and shipping, so we can fulfill all your orders as soon as possible. We decided to make this page explaining the situation and keeping track of our daily progress on order fullfilment.

First of all we want to thank you all for all the amazing support and patience you’ve had so far! We are beyond grateful of this opportunity and the massive amount of orders we’ve gotten this last 3 weeks! for the sake of transparency we’ve had over 1,800 orders and 1,200 were between Oct 18 and Oct 22. For those who don’t know, we are a small indie brand from Puerto Rico run by 2 People. We’ve been running the brand with little to no issue since 2015 and it’s always been just the two of us aside from our graphic designer. All lipsticks are personally hand manufactured by Des in small batches and they are always fresh. None of our lipsticks are older than two weeks before shipping out and all orders are personally packed and processed by Zal, almost all of your emails are answered by Zal and almost all social media is handled by Des. Those who have been customers for years know we like to create genuine connections with you guys so we do take the time to answer as many messages as we can.

This past October 18 a very well known and loved influencer uploaded a video reviewing our brand and thanks to that we got a visibility that has been bigger than ever for us, we’re still in awe of the amazing response we’ve had thanks to that. Many of you ordered because of that same video and we have been working day and night non stop to fulfill all orders with love and care like we always do. We know you’re all very excited to try our products and because of that we are grateful and very happy. But please be patient, your orders are coming as soon as possible. 


Order Status:

We’ve fallen a little behind our shipping policy timeframe due to the high volume of orders we had out of the blue but still we might catch up and get back in track so as we state on our shipping policy:


“Please allow 7 to 15 Business Days (one to three weeks) for your order to be processed (it may take more or less time depending on the season and/or sale) Remember Saturday and Sunday are not Bussiness Days, we are a small indie company run by two and all our lipsticks are handmade, self processed and personally taken to the post office, after your order has been shipped you will receive an e-mail with your shipping confirmation & tracking #, it should take from 2 to 5 days to arrive to Puerto Rico & United States depending on the Carrier, for International Orders it should take from a week and a half to three, sadly international orders only include tracking info if the package is properly scanned once it leaves the US 


We’ve already shipped over 1,000 orders and made over 4,000 lipsticks. We are currently working on orders #NC24005 up and we are expecting to ship from 300 to 400 orders this week, that is over 1,500 lipsticks to be made this week so we will really appreciate your patience on giving us the opportunity to work as fast as we can. 

Some of you already received your orders and sent us the most heartwarming messages and for that we thank you, those kind words and love for our product is what fuels us to keep doing better for our community. For the few that have had issues with your orders we thank you for reaching out with respect  and understanding, we will always find out a way to help out. For those who have filed complains without reaching out or have reached out being disrespectful without acknowledging the shipping policy, we are sorry it didn’t work out, we would have loved to try to help out if given the chance. 

We hope all of you love our products as much as Erin did and once again we thank you for all the support and patience on this process, if by any chance there’s an issue with your order please feel free to reach out and we will gladly help the best way possible. 


Love 🦇

Des & Zal