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New refillable lipsticks

Continuing our commitment to the planet we invite you to join the journey towards sustainable beauty with our new refillable lipsticks that feature a sleek & durable bamboo case and a aluminium interchangeable refill tubes.

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Say hello to our new refillable packaging

After years of careful planning, we're excited to unveil our latest lipstick packaging, a testament to our dedication to sustainability. This sleek, durable design not only reduces bulkiness but also minimizes the risk of accidental openings, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly option. Join us in embracing a new standard of beauty that's as mindful as it is mesmerizing.

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Necromancy (/ˈnɛkrəmænsi/)

is the practice of magic involving communication with the dead – either by summoning their spirits as apparitions, visions or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events, discover hidden knowledge, or to bring someone back from the dead.