About Necromancy



Necromancy Cosmetica is a dark and avant-garde cosmetics brand that draws inspiration from the mystical and eerie. Since its birth in 2015, this unique brand has been rooted in the heart of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Pioneering a dark and enchanting aesthetic, Necromancy Cosmetica has become a beacon for those who seek to express themselves beyond the ordinary, not only in Puerto Rico but internationally, they’ve managed to sell their products in more than 51 countries worldwide. Committed to ethical practices, every product by Necromancy Cosmetica proudly bears the mark of being 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. But their dedication doesn't stop there; their striking collection is housed in eco-friendly and reusable packaging, a testament to their commitment to both beauty and sustainability. With an impressive range of 32 lipstick shades handcrafted in small batches and a mix of 16 eyeshadows & pigments encased in their mesmerizing and innovated magnetic foldable book palette design, their offerings awakes a sense of enchantment and creativity

Necromancy Cosmetica caters to the bold and the adventurous, inviting them to redefine beauty. For those who embrace the otherworldly, this brand offers a transformative experience that goes beyond the surface. From the mystique of the packaging to the spellbinding shades, Necromancy Cosmetica isn't just a cosmetics brand; it's an invitation to unleash the magic within. Located at 59 Calle Arzuaga, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Necromancy isn't just about cosmetics; it's a haven for self-expression. The store offers an array of unique items that embody their brand, from smudge sticks and incense to herbs and candles. Beyond their products, they've created a nurturing space for their community, boasting a warm and inviting storefront.

Necromancy, led by owners Des and Zal, outwitting the retail realm. They've assumed leadership roles, actively engaging with the Community Board and lending their voices to fellow merchants and residents within Rio Piedras. Their involvement doesn't stop there; they're also integral members of the Cultural Comite. Together, they orchestrate a vibrant Market every second Saturday of the month on "El Callejón del Carmen," the street where their store is situated. This event has grown to encompass more than 100 vendors and artisans around downtown Rio Piedras, a true testament to their dedication. Committed to community welfare, Des and Zal have initiated the "Cat's of Necromancy" project, focusing on trap, neuter, and release (TNR) efforts. Since the establishment of their store, they've successfully TNR'd over 200 cats, significantly contributing to the welfare of these animals. Moreover, they've facilitated the adoption of over 30 cats, exemplifying their compassionate approach to communal care. More recently as an act of growth and resistance against displacement in Puerto Rico, Necromancy acquired the building they have occupied since 2016 and they now host a small sanctuary for more than 20 resident cats with the aspiration to further embellish their environment.

Necromancy is more than a brick-and-mortar; it's a nexus of creativity, advocacy, and compassion. Through their multifaceted contributions, Des and Zal have woven an intricate tapestry of positive change within the heart of Rio Piedras's vibrant community.