We are a two person team running everything by ourselves, LITERALLY! We hand mix all shades & formulas, we handmade each and every lipstick, we ensemble all the packaging, process and ship all orders, we do all the marketing and network ourselves and all our kick ass art and packaging is designed by the hand of our awesome friend & graphic designer JOSETO. That being said! We just want you guys to know that we are a small indie business doing our best as we grow. Please be patient if by any chance something goes wrong with a package or order, we will kindly resolve the issue the best possible way, just write to us and kindly help us help you! we'll do our best to make it happen. 

  • Fact: Everybody thinks we are two girls and WE ARE NOT!
  • Fact: Our first tongue is Spanish
  • Fact: We are a kickass couple
  • Fact: We are 100% Puertorrican
  • Fact: We love all things Dark
  • Fact: We started our company less than a year and a half ago
  • Fact: We are both animal lovers
  • Fact: We go through a lot of research to choose the names of our lipsticks.
  • Fact: Des is a 30 years old mother
  • Fact: Zal is an awesome stepdad 
  • Fact: Zal is a 28 years old Herb Enthusiast
  • Fact: Des is addicted to coffee
  • Fact: We are the weirdos